We have hundreds of vacancies for every mentioned profession, to support your job search that can suit you best:

  1. Software engineers
  2. Maritime professionals:
    • Superintendents
    • Port captains
    • Pilots
    • Surveyors
  3. Seafarers all ranks
  4. Fitters
  5. Electricians
  6. Seamstress
  7. Cooks/dishwashers
  8. Drivers
  9. Medical personal/nurses
  10. Fitters
  11. Electricians
  12. Seamstress
  13. Drivers
  14. Cooks / Dishwashers
  15. Builders
  16. Medical personal / Nurses
  17. Interpreters
  18. Accountants
  19. Sellers
  20. Interns
  21. Unskilled workers


WFT – a private Ukrainian recruiting company which provides services in selection of professionals from Ukraine only for legal engagement based on Enrollment Contracts for European and worldwide Employers.

The company strategy is to arrange high quality services according to the foreign Employer requirements.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship based on confidential and professional approach.

Professionalism, high quality of services and compliance to the contractual obligations to our clients are our main principles.

Our managers always provide full information on available vacancies and supervise our clients on all stages of engagements and working abroad up to their return back to Ukraine.

For university postgraduate students we offer to complete an internship in Europe, to study languages of the country you stay in and continue your carrier abroad improving your skills.

We speak Ukrainian, Russian, English, German and Greek.

We respect and value every client!

We act per the License of Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine N 817 dated on 17th of May 2017.

Dear Clients!
For your information, the registration is simplified for biometric passport holders.

For Ukrainians who already have Schengen visa, the engagement is expedited.

All you need is just to fill out an Application on this website and submit it to us.

If your profession, experience and level of foreign languages correspond to Employers request, you will get a job offer with the working conditions, level of wages and other engagement terms.

We shall find the best working conditions and salary for you and then you will sign the contract here in Ukraine. You will work with the best European employers.

We are going to arrange your contract, work visa (if required), transfer from Ukraine to Europe. You will be met upon arrival and finally accommodated at the place of your destination.

If necessary we set up courses of foreign languages for you, passing your medical Fit for Duty certification or issue installments your engagement.

Please feel free to contact our managers with further questions or concerns.

We can assist you if you have never had criminal records in the past or break the Immigration rules or deportation.

The payment is submitted only in case of your employment.

Ukrainian recruiting company WORK FOR FUTURE (WFT) provides services in selection of professionals from Ukraine for their legal engagement in Europe.

According to your request we shall propose you potential candidates from our data base that are assessed before for your cultural, aspirational, and professional fit.
We are happy to cooperate with any Employer, who respects their Employees.

Thorough vet of our candidates is a goal of our mutual success.

We shall provide you professionals who are talented, willing to work with “golden” hands and “golden” heads. We also cooperate with various private agencies and brokers in engagement field. Our style is a personal, logical and dynamic approach. Every single engagement request is a unique task. Our relationship is based on legal Agreements, which we always strictly follow.

We interview every candidate to check his skills. On your request candidates might be presented online interview with Employers representative. Then all candidates are to proceed a recognized and approved medical examination before any engagement.

Please feel free to come in conduct and send us your request and we will reply shortly.

We speak Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Greek.

Official employment -
a guarantee of social protection in Europe and in the world.

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