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Green Engineering

Work For fuTure cares about the future of the Planet, the environment and the introduction of the latest technologies. We promote technologies to protect the environment, modern requirements of the International Conventions and National requirements. Having reliable Partners, we will provide the highest level of service at affordable prices and on time.

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WFT is the exclusive CROSS RIP OCEAN ENGINEERING ( CROE ) LLC, New Jersey, USA www.croceanx.com representative in Ukraine.

Letter Preview Please refer to our CROE Accreditation Letter.*

CR Ocean Engineering is scrubbing systems US world wide known maker for marine and offshore industry. CROE was set up in 1917 and has been produced and supplied all types scrubbers since 1950.
Now to meet IMO 2020 requirements it is the most efficient solution.
It has been made over 154 scrubbers systems for many shipping companies and for all types of ships.

CROE scrubbers advantages:

1. One of the smallest and efficient system.
2. All types of design.
3. Direct replacement of silencer with or without bypass.
4. Bottom and Side inlet.
5. All alloy metal construction.
6. Designed for “ dry in” operation.
7. Proprietary high efficiency all metal internals for increased SO2reduction efficiency.
8. No water retention in tower for reduced weight and better stability.
9. Highly automated to minimize operator attention.
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